Children & babies

We target a range of skills and language areas that help build the foundation of communication and development for children and babies. Our services include play based intervention supporting early language, play skills and fussy eaters. 

Fussy eaters

What are the top 3 signs you may have a fussy eater:

  1. My child shows very strong dislikes for specific foods. Meltdowns are a regular occurence at our dining table
  2. My child refuses foods that are new but familiar too. Making lunchboxes is super tricky
  3. My child grimaces, baulks and sometimes throws up at the shape, colour, smell and even texture of food.

Early language

What are red flags for early language difficulties:

  • Understanding less than 50 words by 18 months
  • Unable to follow simple instructions 
  • Limited pretend play with objects
  • Speech is difficult to understand 

Building a strong foundation

Early intervention is the best intervention. We provide holistic, family centred and routine based intervention and strategies to develop a strong foundation for communication and development.


We are NDIS registered through In Balance Physiotherapy and Fitness. We collaborate and work within an allied health team to provide holistic and functional change for children with disabilities.

Play based intervention

Our family centred and play based approaches assist children to learn in natural and fun contexts . Play helps to build a child's natural curiosity, self-confidence and awareness of environment.

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