Adolescents & Young Adults

We target a range of skills and language areas in the adolescent and young adult age range. Our services include social skill groups, school visits, and literacy intervention through evidence based programs and intervention. 


What are red flags for language difficulties:
  • Difficulty following instructions
  • Poor understanding of stories and concepts
  • Difficulty formulating or structuring sentences
  • Trouble expressing ideas clearly
  • Reduced memory of new information
  • Communication through behaviour (crying, hitting) 

Social skills:

What are red flags for difficulties in social skills:

  • Trouble initiating and maintaining conversations
  • Difficulty responding to other peoples’ comments and questions
  • Poor turn taking
  • Struggling with greetings 
  • Difficulty making friends 
  • Reduced eye contact


Reading, writing and spelling are essential skills for academic progression. Our staff work closely with students, teachers and parents to identify goals and improve literacy skills with evidence based programs such as sounds write.

Social Groups

Social groups throughout the school term and school holidays targeting a range of functional areas, including high school transition, making friends, participating in the community, and learning in a group environment.

School Visits

For ease of access to therapy, we offer to work closely with your child's school and provide therapy services within the school environment if required. This allows for therapy to fit seamlessly into your child's day.

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